Art & Design

  • Exam Board: AQA
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Venue: Haybridge

The A-level Art & Design course followed at Haybridge is exciting and challenging, drawing upon a range of skills including research, investigation and critical thinking. The lively, individual nature of the practical lessons is an ideal complement to many other subjects.

You will benefit from the following resources and facilities:

  • explore and experiment with a variety of materials and techniques including painting, drawing, textiles, 3D sculpture, print-making and computer manipulation.
  • access to purpose-built studios frequently available to use in study periods as well as their lessons.
  • specialist art teachers who share the A-level teaching.

A wide range of teaching and learning styles are used including practicals, discussion work, self-evaluation, theory and research which all form part of the A-level components.

The A-level course is recognised by most universities as an academic subject which may be used to gain access to Art specific degrees and/or used to supplement other A-level subjects in application for non-Art degrees. Places on courses as wide ranging as business studies, speech therapy, botany and journalism have been obtained, whilst more art focused pathways such as architecture, animation and fashion have also been followed.