Business Studies

  • Exam Board: Edexcel
  • Duration: 2 years

In Year 12 we cover the characteristics you would need to develop to be successful in business and how new or existing businesses generate their product or service ideas and test them through market research. You will also consider competition in the market; the economic climate; how the business might be financed and how much revenue an idea might generate. The course also introduces some basic management tools and models which will be developed in Year 13 qualification.

In Year 13 we introduce you to the world of international business and issues which a company trading internationally would have to consider. Finally, you will be able to assess the current competitiveness of a business through financial and non financial indicators. You will analyse corporate objectives and strategy on the basis of these indicators and on external influences to the business. You will be required to assess the causes and effects of change on a business and examine how the company could manage risk effectively.

You will benefit from the following resources and facilities:

  • experienced teachers.
  • textbooks, notes, online resources.
  • after-school support and revision sessions where necessary.

You will ask questions and question the answers. You will experience a wealth of information in a variety of formats. You will work and learn both individually and in groups.

There cannot be an higher educational institution in the land which does not offer degree courses in either 'pure' Business Studies or specialist offshoots like Accounting, Management, Marketing etc, so with a Business A-level you are well-placed to access a multitude of courses, as well as have the basic knowledge required to set up your own business.