• Exam Board: WJEC
  • Duration: 2 years

Computing is relevant to all careers and countless aspects of your everyday life, as well as complementing mathematics, science or technology-based courses.

Have you ever wondered how software applications are created? Are you interested in studying how computers work and how they can be programmed? If so Computing could be for you. You will analyse problems in computational terms through practical experience of solving such problems, including writing programs to do so. You will investigate mathematical concepts of computing as well as looking into the theory behind hardware/software development and architecture. This is the technical and scientific approach to the study of computers and programming and it is not the same as a course in ICT. Please be sure to select the right course for you!

You will benefit from the following resources and facilities:

  • committed staff with experience of education and industry.
  • industry-standard programming software.
  • high-quality equipment and technical support.

An aptitude for problem solving and an interest in learning a programming language are very important. Lessons will be divided into theory and practical and access to a computer outside of school will be essential to succeed. The course requires both a logical and mathematical mind due to the volume of work that is programming- and algorithm-based. You will learn up to four programming languages when developing your coursework.

The skills developed, such as project management and problem solving, make this a valuable course for all students. There are opportunities at the majority of universities to study Computer Science and Software Engineering. It is a potential lead-in for other computing-based courses such as games design, encryption, web development and programming. It is also a very useful addition to anyone going on to study degree-level Mathematics or Electronics and, as such, it combines especially well with Mathematics, Science and Electronics-based courses at A Level.