English Language

  • Exam Board: OCR
  • Duration: 2 years

English Language A-level gives you the chance to be a writer as well as analyse other people's writing. If you have a keen interest in all kinds of language - spoken and written, if you have an analytical and enquiring mind and can work independently, and if you want to study how language works and is affected by society then English Language A-level is for you.

You will benefit from the following resources and facilities:

  • an extensive library of text books and digital texts on all aspects of language study and substantial teaching resources.
  • an outstanding track record of results.
  • specialist, experienced, and dedicated teachers.

Lessons are a mixture of theory, discussions, research, enquiry-based learning, debate, assignments, presentations, audio-visual resources, newspaper articles and journalistic writing workshops.

Students of English Language will find their skills transferable to almost any career path. It is especially useful for a career in Law or Education and is invaluable for any profession that is concerned with people and communication such as Journalism, Marketing or Public Relations. The course particularly complements Digital Media, Sociology, Psychology and History.