• Exam Board: AQA
  • Duration: 2 years

Physics is both a challenging and rewarding subject. No other subject explores our universe at a more fundamental level or considers such a breadth of scale from the parts of the atom to the structure of the galaxies. It is an extremely well-respected A-Level qualification, which allows progression into a very diverse range of career paths.

You will benefit from the following resources and facilities:

  • three specialised Physics laboratories with excellent facilities and practical equipment.
  • two specialist A-level Physics teachers, each with degrees in Physics, and excellent technician support.
  • strong academic support for students both within and outside lessons.

The course has a balance of practical and theory, delivered using a wide range of teaching and learning styles.

A qualification in A-level Physics provides excellent preparation not only for a wide range of scientific, medical and engineering careers, but anywhere in which a logical and thorough approach is valued, such as the financial sector.