Religious Studies

  • Exam Board: Edexcel
  • Duration: 2 years

Religious Studies, at A-Level, is all about exploring scholarly and philosophical debates surrounding the Philosophy of Religion, the New Testament and the Christian Ethics. In Philosophy of Religion, students study the attempts that have been made to prove the existence of God and to reconcile his existence with the existence of evil and suffering. An in-depth study of Gospels is undertaken in which students question its relevance and significance for the reader. An investigation into various ethical theories and principles is undertaken on topic such as medicine, life issues and personal conduct.

You will benefit from the following resources and facilities:

  • experienced,specialist teachers.
  • textbooks, notes, online resources.

The course is made up of three units, which are undertaken in each year: Philosophy, New Testament Studies and Ethics. The course is 100% exam based, and this is taken at the end of year 13. Religious Studies demands hard work and is regarded as an academic discipline. An active and enquiring mind is important as well as the willingness to debate and discuss controversial issues that arise. Essays and on-line discussions will be set on a regular basis.

Theology is highly regarded by universities as an academic subject, encompassing many fields, including Philosophy, Ethics, Old Testament/New Testament Studies, World Religions, Church History and Liberation Theology. The critical skills acquired during A-Level Religious Studies provide an excellent foundation for entry into social work, journalism and business/managerial courses.