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Summer 2022 Examination Information

Arrangements for examinations and assessments are a little different this year from other years when examinations have gone ahead. This is to take account of the disruption to education caused by the pandemic. This Guide explains what is in place to support you in taking examinations and assessments. It also provides other information about this year’s arrangements.

There is a package of support in place for all students taking GCSE, AS and A level qualifications this summer and is designed to be appropriate for the particular qualifications they are taking. Examination boards have published advance information for GCSE, AS and A Level exams to help you focus revision. It is published on their public websites, a summary can be viewed by following this link.

Generous Grading

Students will be assessed on less content this year in GCSEs in English literature, history, geography and ancient history. Therefore, there is no advance information for these GCSE subjects. There is advance information for all other GCSE subjects. Examination boards have worked together to develop advance information that is appropriate for each subject and specification. There are differences in advance information between subjects and, in some cases, even between different examination boards’ specifications in the same subject. The changes are summarised below:

  • GCSE mathematics: you will be given a sheet in the exams showing the formulae you might need to use so you don’t have to memorise as much
  • GCSE physics or combined science: you will be given a sheet in the exams showing the equations you might need to use so you don’t have to memorise as much. You can see what these formulae and equation sheets will look like on the exam boards’ public websites
  • Science subjects: teachers have been allowed to be more flexible in the ways they teach practical skills
  • Subjects with non-exam assessment (for example, dance, design and technology, drama, food preparation and nutrition, music and PE): Changes have been made so the assessments could be completed despite restrictions caused by the pandemic
  • GCSE, AS and A level art and design: you will be assessed on your portfolio only – you will not need to complete a task set by the exam board
Subject leaders have written an easy to read outline of the GCSE topic areas that you no longer need to revise as they have been identified by the exam board as not being assessed in the exams. This information can be found here

It is a little more complicated for A Level subjects, please see the individual exam board websites for each subject details. Exam boards for each subject can be found here.

Please find links to other useful documents and information below.

JCQ FAQs for students.

Summer 2022 Examination Timetables

Examinations are timetabled from 16th May 2022 to Tuesday 28th June 2022, with a contingency period running up to and including Wednesday 29th June 2022. Students should remain available until then.

Student Wellbeing Resources

Tests and examinations in school inform teachers, parents, and students themselves about their academic progress and potential future pathways. But like any situation in which a person’s performance is being evaluated, the outcomes may feel very significant: Examinations have the potential to be stressful.

It is perfectly normal to experience anxiety and, research shows, this is not necessarily a bad thing. Anxiety and stress cause the body to release adrenaline which can be helpful when responding to challenging situations. Stress will help students focus on preparing for, and then apply themselves during the examination itself.

Haybridge High School fully recognises its responsibilities for students with mental health and wellbeing needs. We want our students to:
  • Learn in a calm and purposeful environment, where behaviour is exemplary and routines are established.
  • Be mentally and physically fit to equip them for a successful adult life, be independent and ambitious.
  • Be confident, happy and feel safe.
  • Be friendly, respectful, caring and polite.
  • Develop resilience.
Should you wish to discuss any concerns around wellbeing, please contact us at school.

Please find links to other useful documents and information below.


If you are unable to take an examination because you are ill, you must notify the School by telephone (01562 886213) as soon as possible. The Receptionist will let the exam staff know of your illness.

If you miss an external examination through illness you must complete the JCQ Form 14 and return it to school as soon as possible or by email to exams@haybridge.worcs.sch.uk. Please note that without this completed form we cannot proceed with any special consideration request and it is possible that you may be charged the entry fee for the examination. If at all possible you should sit the examination – it may be possible to accommodate you in a small room rather than in the Sports Hall – this depends on staff availability.

If you have a contagious disease you should stay away from school, and, as long as you have completed Form 14, a request will be made on your behalf for special consideration for any exams you miss. If a candidate is taken ill during an examination, they will be escorted to the Medical Room by an invigilator, their exam script will be sent to be marked with the others and a special consideration request will be made.

Collection of 2022 GCSE and A Level Certificates

All GCSE and A Level certificates will be available from collection from the main school reception from December 2022. When collecting results students should bring with them photographic identification.  All certificates must be signed for on collection.

As per the JCQ guidelines, any examination certificates that have been returned to us will be kept by Haybridge High School for 12 months until December 2023.

If students wish to claim their examination certificate following this date, students will need to contact the awarding bodies themselves for replacement certificates. Please note that not all examination boards offer a replacement certificate service. If this is the case a ‘Certifying Statement of Results’ will be issued.

AQA: https://www.aqa.org.uk/contact-us/past-results-and-lost-certificates

PEARSON: https://qualifications.pearson.com/en/support/Services/replacement-certificates.html

OCR: https://www.ocr.org.uk/students/replacement-certificates/

WJEC: https://www.wjec.co.uk/home/student-support/replacement-exam-certificates/

JCQ Documentation

The following documents are provided by the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) and should be read by all candidates before sitting any type of external examination.