Teacher Subject Specialism Training (TSST): Physics

Physics TSST

  • Are you teaching Physics but not trained in the subject?
  • Do you want to retrain or upskill as a Physics teacher from another subject?
  • Are you thinking of returning to the profession as a Physics teacher?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then TSST is the course for you.

We are offering a fantastic opportunity for non-specialist KS3/KS4 physics teachers to attend a fully–funded Teacher Subject Specialism Training (TSST) course in physics with Haybridge Teaching School, accredited by the Institute of Physics (IOP).

The course is completely free to anyone with QTS and a teacher reference number who is not a physics specialist teacher, teachers returning to the profession or anyone looking to enhance their skills as a physics teacher or their knowledge of the physics curriculum.

The TSST Programme is backed and funded by the DfE and NCTL.

Our blended-learning KS3/KS4 course is led by Dan Cottle (MSci Physics), and Janinne Delorenzo, Secondary Physics PGCE Lecturer from the University of Worcester and is accredited by the University of Plymouth with Institute of Physics approval in progress.


The course will take about six months. In that time you will have four days face-to-face learning sessions and you will complete an online subject knowledge enhancement (SKE) course, making sure you know all the physics you need to know.

We are partnered with Plymouth University, which has a number of years' experience in providing subject knowledge enhancement (SKE) to people wanting to teach mathematics and physics. They provide you with a unique login to their website where you will work through lessons and complete tests. The content of the courses ensures you have the necessary subject knowledge required to teach physics at KS3/KS4.

It is impossible to say how much time you will spend on SKE - this is completely dependent on your current level of physics knowledge.

You will have four days at the dedicated physics training lab (one per month) where we will look at elements of physics and pedagogy, considering what makes a physics lesson, what techniques work best, what constitutes good explanation and how students acquire understanding of physics. The sessions cover a combination of practical, conceptual and misconception based activities in a fully-equipped laboratory.

Additionally, you will spend time observing outstanding physics lessons, gaining loads of ideas to take back with you.

On completion of the four training days and the online SKE you obtain a Certificate of Physics Mastery from Plymouth University.

Your certificate will be awarded at Pass Level (60%-74%), Merit (75%-90%) or Distinction (over 90%).

You also have the option of completing further study alongside this course to obtain up to 60 Master's credits from Plymouth University. This will be discussed further in the Introductory Meeting.


Haybridge High School has received NCTL funding to run this course, so we can provide it completely free of charge.

Plymouth University offers two 30-credit modules, and we are able to cover the cost of one of these modules if you choose to do it.

The only thing for you to be aware of is that we ask for a £200 deposit at the start of the course, which we will refund fully upon course completion. If you do not complete the course, we keep this deposit, to cover losses incurred by us.

We are running two cohorts, starting in February and June.

Cohort 1

Session Date
Session 1 09/02/17
Session 2 16/03/17
Session 3 04/04/17
Session 4 05/05/17

Cohort 2

Session Date
Session 1 15/05/18
Session 2 24/05/18
Session 3 12/10/18
Session 4 10/07/18

Download the minimum course specification