Case Studies

Social Sciences Support

The Social Sciences department supports colleagues from other schools in a number of ways. This year we have offered a moderation afternoon for colleagues who were concerned that they weren't marking their students' work accurately. Using our extensive examining experience for AQA we moderated some of their mock exams and clarified issues in understanding the mark schemes. We also have on-going arrangements to support students and colleagues from other schools. In the first instance this involves providing support sessions for a small group of their students, followed by direct support to the Psychology teacher, involving assistance with lesson planning, exam technique and delivery.

Mathematics Support

Over recent years we have provided on-going support for Heads of Mathematics, where we looked at effective leadership of a department, effective leadership of mathematics, and techniques for improving the quality of lessons, as well as single days in numerous schools analysing provision and processes. We have hosted courses for primary and secondary school teachers, Inspire Days, and the very successful Teacher Subject Specialism Training (TSST), teaching mathematics pedagogy to non-specialists who find themselves teaching mathematics.

For more information on mathematics support and the work of the SUM Centre at Haybridge, take a look at our dedicated page.

Design & Technology Support

This year, support has been provided to two secondary schools in the Midlands. Specifically this has involved investigating high quality teaching and assessment procedures and the development of moderation systems for use in KS3, which focused on assessment without levels, and KS4 Controlled Assessment Support, including lesson observations, feedback and the development of subject specific resources that supported both the teacher and students.