Our Support Leaders

Our Support Leaders

We have a substantial team of National, Local and Specialist Leaders in Education, who are dedicated to working with schools to improve outcomes for young people. Our leaders support individuals and teams and develop the skills of colleagues in other schools.

Specialist Leaders in Education (SLEs)

Our team of Specialist Leaders in Education are our professional innovators. Drawn from our Alliance of partner schools, they are well qualified and experienced in providing support to schools, faculties/departments and individual teaching staff.

Our aim is to offer innovative, creative and practical solutions to ensure the best outcomes for students and to address the recent changes to the curriculum. Staff enjoy our collaborative and workable input sessions and feel they are empowered with the tools to revitalise their approach.

Our SLEs recognise the importance of building on the enthusiasm created by good training sessions, instilling confidence in implementing new initiatives, and troubleshooting any barriers that may be encountered in embedding new ideas into everyday practice. Ongoing support and coaching is a crucial element of our support programme, which ensures that training and personal development are not isolated activities but an investment in your staff and the outcomes for our young people.

Our Support Leaders

After six years as Head of department at Hagley Catholic School, I have recently moved into a subject specialist role to further support school to school improvement specifically in the sciences. I have been regularly working with other schools as an SLE for the last 3 years specialising in Science Leadership and management.

My experience of effective leadership and management has come first hand from my role at Hagley where under my vision and guidance the department moved on significantly seeing an overall rise in the percentage of A*-C’s in a single Science GCSE from 72% to a sustained 86% and an increase in the percentage of students achieving A*-C in two GCSE sciences from 47% to 75%. Triple science was successfully introduced as an option resulting in a peak in A-level numbers with the department currently running seven AS groups and six A2 groups (split between Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Applied Science). The department’s impressive journey was recognised by Ofsted in February 2013 when it achieved outstanding judgements for achievement, teaching and learning, quality of curriculum and leadership and management from the lead HMI Science Inspector Brian Cartwright. His previous visit seven years earlier had seen the department graded satisfactory.

Working with other schools is always a rewarding experience. I originally became a head of department to have an impact of the science education of all the students in a school not just my own classes. Through the SLE role I am now able to have an impact on the science outcomes of students in lots of different schools across the area. At the end of any deployment I aim to leave sustainable and measurable changes which allow the continued improvement and development to be implemented by the science department in the school.

One the head teachers I have recently worked with described the impact of my SLE visits: "Ellie developed an open, trusting and professionally challenging dialogue with the science management which allowed for genuine debate and the acceptance of new ideas, strategies and systems.

Some examples of the services I can offer include:

  • mentoring and/or coaching of TLR holders in science
  • guidance on effective assessment to promote and demonstrate progress in science
  • managing change effectively
  • strategic planning of the science curriculum to maximize exam results
  • guidance on planning for the new A-levels and GCSEs in science
  • analysis of data to improve accountability and target setting within the science department
  • mentoring of Science NQTs
  • introducing triple science to a curriculum
  • department reviews to identify areas of strength and development; how to set up effective monitoring systems within the science department
Our Support Leaders

As an outstanding teacher of Art & Design, I have led an inspiring and stimulating Art & Design department for many years. The department has been consistently outstanding year on year. My expertise in assessment for learning, visible assessment systems and student tracking and monitoring is something that I am keen to transfer to other subject areas.

I can offer expertise in leading and driving forward an Art department, in particular with a focus on personalised curriculum planning to suit individual student interests and strengths. I am also keen to share the outstanding teaching and assessment for learning techniques found in the Art department across into other subjects in order to inject the vibrancy and passion found in an Art department across a school. My emphasis is on the student – what inspires them, what makes them feel valued and what makes them want to work to the best of their ability.

Our Support Leaders

As a Senior Leader, Lead Practitioner and Advanced Skills Teacher for the past 12 years I have developed a proven track record in developing close collaborative working partnerships with individual Head Teachers to raise the standards of teaching and learning within their schools.

My support and guidance ranges from the creation of literacy based policies and schemes of work, planning and leading staff inset days, one to one coaching, NQT staff mentoring, performance management, development and implementation of effective phonics delivery, induction tutoring, , lesson observations and team teaching events.

In my teaching career to date nothing has motivated me more than having the opportunity to have a greater impact on the standards in teaching and learning through the dissemination and sharing of my enthusiasm and passion for teaching with other professionals, in the wider context outside of the school I currently work in.

I place high expectations on myself, all of my colleagues and the children that I work with and always expect to make a positive impact upon them through self-reflection and evaluation.

In order to keep up to date with the very latest thinking on Key Stage 1 pupil assessment and maintain my current levels of professional dialogue with my senior management peers I undertake work as an Independent Consultant for Birmingham Local Authority, representing them in the Key Stage 1 moderation process.

Our Support Leaders

I am an experienced SENDCo who has the necessary skills and understanding to support staff to look at SEND from a new perspective. Since my appointment, there has been transformational success in my own school; working with staff who were disillusioned by SEND, and pupils who were not making progress, has enabled me to gain the experience required to help staff identify strengths and weaknesses and support them in formulating an action plan of improvement they feel involved in.

My support and advice covers provision mapping and case studies, pupil tracking and data monitoring, coaching and mentoring staff, and inclusive practices with universal strategies at the heart of every classroom. I am aware every school's journey will be unique and I will guarantee to tailor my support accordingly.

I keep myself up to date with all new initiatives and am a member of a number of networks so you can be sure that the information I provide will be up to date.

I am an experienced early years practitioner with more than 30 years of involvement working in and/or managing early years teams and classrooms. I have worked in a variety of settings ranging from a nursery in the heart of Birmingham to a rural primary school on the edge of Kidderminster. I have been involved in supporting a school going through a new build and research into transition from early years to year 1.

I have an excellent working knowledge of child development and can support staff through training, modelling teaching and learning, and providing case studies. I can recommend outstanding reading material and settings to visit to support improvement.

Our Support Leaders

I have worked for many years in the education sector as an experienced teacher of Economics and Business Studies, a Head of Department and a Director of Sixth Form. My current role as Director of Teaching School and SCITT at Haybridge High School & Sixth Form has given me the opportunity to become more greatly involved in initial teacher training, system leadership, school-to-school support and CPD. In this capacity I have coordinated the activities of the Teaching School team to support many schools in category to becoming good and outstanding. As a result of being a trained facilitator for Alliance of Leading Learning in the delivery of both NPQML and NPQSL I have worked with numerous colleagues with diverse educational backgrounds across a wide selection of educational settings.

Prior to my teaching career I gained valuable managerial skills and experience in the business world. This combination of knowledge and expertise equips me to offer insight, resources and practical support to staff and schools who are seeking to develop and improve.

Our Support Leaders

I am currently the Director of Science and Assistant Headteacher in a successful Dudley school. I have been in this role for 12 years and was previously Head of Science in the same school. I have also worked in two previous schools, both in challenging areas. In my present school, results in Science have improved rapidly over the years since I was appointed. I have implemented many curriculum changes and improved teaching standards in the department over time. The school has improved and is now an ‘Outstanding’ school and lead school in a Multi Academy Trust. I have enjoyed the challenge of improving the Science department and have worked closely with three Heads of Science to develop their skills in the role.

I have worked in challenging areas throughout my teaching career and I have a wealth of experience and ideas to improve attainment, standards and teaching in Science. I believe that all students should have the same opportunities and high academic standards in any school Science department. I have experience of supporting staff to develop their leadership skills and I regularly work collaboratively with the other schools in our Multi Academy Trust and Dudley Heads of Science.

The SLE role is an exciting opportunity to work with other schools and share good practice and advice, working collaboratively towards improvement in Science education.

Our Support Leaders

As an expert in Modern Foreign Languages, Head of Faculty and Advanced Skills Teacher, I lead a vibrant Modern Foreign Languages Department where the number of students and results have increased dramatically over the last five years. We teach a range of languages, with a particular strength in German which goes against the national picture.

I am able to provide high quality teaching advice with expertise in curriculum planning, student tracking and monitoring of data.

I am currently involved with the DfE ‘Language Support Programme’ which promotes language learning in schools, I am now working towards the Prince’s Trust Initiative kitemark.

Our Support Leaders

I am currently Head of the Expressive Arts Faculty at Haybridge High School. Being a subject leader for Music for over 26 years in a variety of schools has given me considerable experience across all aspects of music education, including GCSE and A Level Music and A Level Music Technology.

During my time at Haybridge High School I have led the department to become an exciting and flourishing area of the school, focusing on high standards in everything we do. My role has involved designing and leading cross-curricular projects both within school and with our primary partners. In leading change I understand the necessity of combining strategic planning, the design of processes and creativity to secure improvement and success.

“This is a very strong department and one that the school should be proud of. The level of commitment and professionalism is not found in many schools and the students are fortunate to benefit musically from attending Haybridge.”

Feedback from a recent subject inspection by the local music hub

Possessing a strong vision about what music should be and its role in a modern and vibrant curriculum, I am especially experienced in curriculum construction and change, building the music provision within a school, and the impact that music (and the arts) can have on other areas of the curriculum. Recently I have been working to develop a highly effective assessment system which provides students with quality feedback, whilst tracking their progress over time.

I have succeeded in developing and growing student teachers, NQTs and colleagues over a number of years as well as successfully supporting colleagues in other schools. Recently I have worked with two schools of a sustained developing their music provision, including exam outcomes. In the past I have a school who had received an inadequate judgement in an Ofsted subject inspection, I helped to redesign their KS3 curriculum and embed assessment to ensure progression across the Key Stage. I worked also with another school to develop their delivery of the A-level Music course, focusing on ensuring students gained the highest grades in the composition unit of the exam. My work has also involved aiding schools in the delivery of the composition and listening components of the GCSE Music course.

My role as an SLE is an exciting opportunity to work with other schools. I enjoy working collaboratively and analytically with others to find a shared approach to improvement. I feel strongly that whilst I can offer skills and advice that will be of use to others I will also be able to gain a lot from the schools and colleagues with whom I interact.

Our Support Leaders

I have a passion for working with students at a group and individual level; in trying to find ways in which students are enabled to choose their future because of the support they have received.

For 13 years I have been a Senior Leader in 2 different schools: in Oxfordshire as an Assistant Headteacher (Director of Key Stage 3) and now in Dudley as Deputy Headteacher (Achievement and Standards). In both schools I was responsible for the National Strategy and now currently for all students’ progress. In the past, my current school was part of the Gaining Ground and Black Country Challenge initiatives for which I was lead staff member. I have now completed the NCSL Pupil Premium Reviewer course.

Through these roles I have worked with staff in groups and individually on using data management systems to track students at cohort, group and individual levels, work praised by OFSTED in my current school as impacting on school improvement. In conjunction with this tracking and analysis, I have then implemented a variety of teaching and learning initiatives and intervention strategies with students and, where appropriate, some staff. I have ensured that, at all times, any strategies that I have initiated have been carefully researched, discussed and then tailored to meet the individual situation and needs of my school, staff or students.

I look forward to working with colleagues to provide support for the benefit of all the students and staff it affects.

Our Support Leaders

I have been a teacher of Psychology for a number of years and in my current role am Head of an outstanding Social Sciences department. As a specialist KS5 teacher I understand the unique challenges that come from teaching A level. As a department we have a particular focus on making the material accessible to the students, whilst still challenging the higher end. We design all activities with care, ensuring they serve a direct purpose in terms of ensuring success in exams. We have a rigorous monitoring system with regards to student attainment and a successful intervention programme for underachievers. In addition to my Head of Department role, I examine many components for the AQA. This insight has a significant impact on the teaching within the department and on student results.

I have had a lot of experience in supporting other Psychology departments. I have helped provide insight into how work should be marked, how to interpret mark schemes and what full mark responses look like. I have shared good practice in lesson planning, writing schemes of work, and behaviour for learning. I have accumulated a lot of knowledge in terms of how to best teach A level Psychology in the past eleven years and enjoy sharing this with colleagues in the hope it will make their job more manageable and enjoyable.

In addition to my role as Head of Social Sciences, I act as the EPQ co-ordinator for the school. As part of this role I co-ordinate and am actively involved in the delivery and marking of the extended projects. We have an excellent track record of marking accuracy as our marks have not been adjusted in moderation for a number of years. This is in part due to my work with the AQA as an EPQ moderator. This additional role has given me a vast insight into the expectations regarding how the EPQ should be delivered and marked. I am able to pass this information onto both my colleagues within school and those from other centres as part of my SLE role.

Our Support Leaders

As an AST, Lead Practitioner and now SLE since 2008, I have a wealth of experience supporting both teachers and leaders and am able to bring experience of the best pedagogy and leadership to my role in supporting colleagues. In 2015 I was privileged to become a Silver Award winner in the category Teacher of the Year in a Secondary School at the Pearson Teaching Awards and I am an NCETM Accredited PD Lead.

I am a Head of Department myself, and my support and advice covers Key Stages 3 & 4 and A Level, considering curriculum planning, teaching for mastery, student tracking and data monitoring, coaching and mentoring staff, and strategies in the classroom. I have supported schools in a variety of settings and will tailor my support accordingly. You can find a case study on the NCTL website.

As Lead Consultant of the SUM Centre at Haybridge, I coordinate and deliver a number of training courses designed for mathematics teachers across the Primary and Secondary phases, and have presented at national mathematics conferences on a number of occasions.

Our Support Leaders

I am an experienced mathematics teacher with fifteen years mathematics teaching experience across the whole range of ability and age. I have worked across a wide cross-section of educational settings. Currently I am second in department at Haybridge High School where my students continue to achieve fantastic results.

During my career I have worked as a successful Head of Department where I led my department to some of the best results the school has ever seen. I also have experience of supporting students pastorally when I was a Head of House and have also worked as an Associate Assistant Headteacher. It is this all-round practice that means that I am able to transfer my knowledge to staff and departments in a variety of situations.

My school-to-school support has been delivered in a variety of ways to suit the needs of each school, from departmental investigations, data analysis and SoW planning to one-to-one support sessions.

I am firm believer in the principle that with support and guidance all staff and students can achieve. Whilst some pick up ideas quicker than others and can recall concepts with greater ease, with the right amount of support and training all students can become accomplished mathematicians. It is this desire to help as many staff and students realise their potential that leads me to work as a Specialist Leader in Education. I can support departments in pursuing their goals and helping their students to achieve outstanding results.

Our Support Leaders

Studies into FSM/PP student attainment have focused on areas of widespread socio-economic deprivation – however relatively affluent rural and coastal regions can fare worse than those areas deemed as socio-economically deprived. Counties like Worcestershire can fit that profile with pockets of poverty, a lack of awareness of the issues facing PP students, and a lack of strategies to address the needs of PP students within school.

Since 2010, I have been researching, designing and delivering programmes for schools to close the attainment gap between students highlighted as qualifying for Free School Meals/Pupil Premium and those who do not.

I designed a pilot programme for Worcestershire schools to carry out action research on how academic gaps can be narrowed in rural counties. My aims were:

  • to develop expertise
  • to model a self-sustaining system
  • to share best practice
  • to help other schools develop strategies to suit their own needs

Following my research I devised a 3 stage approach:

  • 1. Know the gap – raise awareness of issues in your school
  • 2. Narrow the gap – pro-active interventions linked directly to Teaching and Learning
  • 3. Mind the gap – feedback and strategies for development for all, at every stage

I then developed a practical support system for teachers – including materials and classroom resources, workshops and follow-up sessions which have been shared in schools across and beyond Worcestershire, and presented at the Worcestershire Learning & Teaching Conference.

Using an observation classroom, I can offer direct and practical experience through CPD sessions which complement the workshops and written materials. Department, Faculty and whole-school presentations can also be organised to run at individual schools on request. Let me share with you some of my recent feedback from colleagues attending these sessions:

It highlighted some very interesting facts about FSM that we weren’t aware of.

Evesham High School

I attended ‘Narrowing the Gap’ and was very impressed and inspired. The policy for actively working to improve the performance of all underachievers in now in place in my school.

Pershore High School

An excellent CPD opportunity; practical and informative...thank you!

Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College

I am confident that we can work together as colleagues to develop a programme and strategies that will ‘Narrow the Gap’ in your school.

Our Support Leaders

Since 2012 I have been subject leader for History at Hagley Catholic High School. Under my guidance and leadership, the department has developed significantly in a range of areas. A continued focus on teaching and learning has led to a sustained improvement in results at GCSE and A Level. At GCSE, the A*-C performance increased to 82% in 2015 from 72% in 2013 and similar improvements have been seen at A Level. During my time as subject leader the popularity of the options subject has also increased. In 2015 there were seven groups at GCSE and four at A Level making the subject the most popular options subject within the school. This was not only the outcome of an unrelenting focus on teaching and learning but also the result of deploying coaching techniques such as modelling and evaluation in order to develop the performance of all staff within the team.

Prior to becoming a subject leader, I was a school based teaching and learning AST for three years, which underlines my commitment to teaching and learning and also my desire to share effective practice. My role here included devising and delivering whole school CPD as well as helping to embed a peer to peer coaching system within the school based on the latest pedagogy. Both of these initiatives received positive comments regarding their value in the school's most recent Ofsted. The effectiveness of the coaching initiative in particular has been clear to see within the school. The process allows coaches to model excellent practice before using prompts based on the STRIDE model to encourage participants to devise and use creative methods within the classroom before evaluating their success. Of all the NQTs who have undertaken the initiative all have progressed to QTS standard and many other teachers who have taken part have gone on to deliver outstanding lessons in subsequent observations.

My role as an SLE will now enable me to use the skills and experiences I have developed over my career so far, to assist in the process of ensuring sustained improvement in other schools.

Our Support Leaders

As Head of English at an outstanding school, I know what the day to day experiences are like for a core department where there are many opportunities for enjoyment, creativity and rigour, but also significant challenges, constant changes and great responsibilities. I also understand what it means to relate to the whole school picture and how our work in English has an impact on everything from whole school data targets to whole school literacy. At my current school I have worked through a significant time of change and improvement with the English Department so that we have been recognised as Outstanding: it is now my passionate intention to take the best of what we have worked on and share it with other schools so that all students, no matter which school they are in, have access to the highest quality education which sets them up as lifelong learners with a love of the subject, as well as ensuring they are adept in the English skills they need to survive in the world of work.

I have already worked in schools to support them in a variety of ways, including on subjects such as curriculum design, new GCSEs and A levels, data tracking and monitoring, support for NQTs and coaching for staff looking to take on positions of responsibility. I have created tailored programmes designed to meet the needs of the specific schools I have worked in; I have also created and delivered CPD training sessions for a variety of colleagues from different contexts.

I believe that collaboration and mutual support only makes us stronger as teachers and better at the job we are passionate about – qualities our students need and deserve as we strive to support them to be the best that they can be.

Our Support Leaders

As Head of Biology and Second in Science I can fully appreciate the challenges that a Science Department is met with. Since starting this role a number of years ago, I have improved the systems within the Biology department, and worked with my team to develop more effective systems in the whole Science Department. I am keen to share my experiences and ideas, and believe strongly that collaboration within and between schools can greatly improve student progress.

My passion for teaching and helping young people has always motivated me to reflect on my own practice, and I am keen to share these values with others to maximise progress of students in the local area. I worked with a school last year to help identify the roles within the department, so that that leadership could be more effective. I can also offer guidance and advice in a range of areas within the Science department including:

  • Writing effective schemes of work at GCSE and A Level
  • Assessment systems and tracking models to monitor progress
  • Identifying students for intervention and intervention strategies
  • Effective marking and feedback leading to better student progress
  • Making the most of department meeting time and staff within the department
  • Delivery of the new A Level biology AQA specification (including the new Practical Endorsement)

I am now also a member of the Senior Leadership Team as an Associate Assistant Headteacher, and have gained experience at a more strategic level. I am currently SLT link for the PE department which has allowed me to guide other Heads of Department.

Our Support Leaders

I have been a teacher of Mathematics for eight years, in that time I have held multiple responsibilities and working in many parts of the school. For five of those years I mentored the Mathematics ITTs and NQTs. The past three years I have been a Head of House in a newly developing vertical tutoring system. I believe student progression stems from outstanding classroom practice and I have been part of many different teaching and learning working parties, which help to improve the level of teaching across the school.

I was responsible for setting up a Haybridge Teach Meet which was excellent in sharing exciting and innovative practice. I have facilitated numerous CPD training sessions on such topics as numeracy across the curriculum, KS2 to KS3 progress in Mathematics and tips and tricks with an iPad in lessons. I have been to other schools to support other teachers, both primary and secondary, with their practice and improving their numeracy lessons.

I am able to provide high quality teaching advice specialising in Mathematics, especially transition between KS2 to KS3, student monitoring and tracking and numeracy across the curriculum.

Our Support Leaders

I have worked at Haybridge for three years as an English teacher and as Assistant Director of Sixth Form; for the last two years I have worked on secondment at Haybridge as Assistant Headteacher, first with responsibility for Teaching and Learning across the school, and subsequently as Director of Sixth Form. Before Haybridge, I worked at a secondary school in more challenging circumstances, having trained through the Teach First programme. Having taught in such varied contexts, I have a solid foundation in classroom and engagement strategies, behaviour for learning techniques, and experience in supporting students in making competitive university applications. I understand the necessity of adapting one’s style to suit the needs of individual students and I am keen to help others to develop this skill.

As Director of Sixth Form I oversee the recruitment, academic support and progress of Sixth Form students, as well as the provision for Gifted and Talented Sixth Form students, supporting them with study strategies, Oxbridge applications, interview preparation, and skills development. I can offer support in enhancing the provision for the most able students across the curriculum as well as within the English classroom. Having taught English extensively across all three Secondary Key Stages, I am also keen to share my skills in developing schemes of work in light of the new GCSE and A Level specifications, teaching increased content, and differentiating for the most able students. In offering an appropriate level of stretch and challenge I believe that it is vital that we model high expectations ourselves; being constantly ready to extend our perceptions about what students can achieve, and embrace change and challenge. I look forward to tailoring my support to the needs of other schools and sharing my deep-rooted enthusiasm and belief that a quality education can change a child’s life irrevocably.

Our Support Leaders

I am Second in Science at George Salter Academy, in charge of KS5 and I also have some whole-school T&L responsibility. I coordinate and deliver sessions which take place on a fortnightly basis. These sessions allow staff from all departments to share good practice. I am also the lead mentor for all new staff to the school and for any visiting PGCE or ITT students. I have strong links with local primary schools and help deliver a variety of outreach sessions throughout the year.

Within the Science Department I took the lead in initiating and coordinating changes for the new KS3 specifications that were introduced. These schemes of work include effective strategies to ensure progress is made by all students and that there is an adequate number and form of assessment throughout each course. I have also lead similar initiatives with regards to KS4 & KS5 practical skills. Planning, effective delivery and monitoring of these practical skills is important, but the key is to ensure that there is emphasis on developing exam technique with regards to these skills.

Across the Dudley region I have delivered a series of successful masterclasses in practical science, with the aim to raise attainment, provide opportunity and enthuse disadvantaged pupils; and ensure the uptake of science at KS5. I have also helped to develop and co-ordinate a new programme of maths in the science curriculum from KS3 through to KS5. The programme has been developed with staff at local schools to embed key, non-negotiable skills early and then develop them in preparation for exam success.

As an SLE, I would like to help provide support for other departments that need to develop effective schemes of work to incorporate the new demands of practical skills and maths from KS3 through to KS5. I am also happy to work with departments to raise attainment and encourage uptake of science at KS5.

Our Support Leaders

In my teaching career to date, I have had the opportunity to work in two Primary Schools in very different settings in terms of size and proportion of Pupil Premium students. This has given me a good understanding of the challenges that a leader can face in different circumstances. In both of these schools, I have developed my practice and leadership experience, particularly in curriculum design, improving teaching and learning, mathematics, English and the humanities subjects. I have also mentored teaching placement students on two separate occasions. I thoroughly enjoy both the challenge and satisfaction of seeing a young teacher grow in the first steps of their career.

The teaching of English has always been an interest of mine which is why I decided to complete my Masters in Teaching Studies with Birmingham University. I undertook this in my second year of teaching which required a great deal of dedication, commitment and management of my time. I was successful in gaining the degree by completing a research project into handwriting and writing attainment.

When the new National Curriculum was first introduced in 2014, I took the lead in designing an exciting skills-based curriculum across the whole school alongside the Assistant Headteacher. In the following year, I monitored the teaching of this curriculum, focusing specifically on the humanities subjects. This included evaluating the teaching and regularly completing monitoring activities including pupil voice. In my current setting, I have had the opportunity to share my expertise with members of staff within the school in order to improve teaching and learning. I have worked alongside both the Mathematics and English Coordinators to help drive relevant school improvement priorities in writing and the implementation of a mastery approach to mathematics teaching. Currently, I am working with a school in the local area to develop editing in writing. This has been a fantastic experience so far and has furthered my belief that school to school support is one of the most beneficial ways to drive school improvement.

I am extremely passionate about teaching and learning and I am always looking for ways to innovate practice. In the last year, I have delivered a number of staff training sessions, including the use of digital mapping in geography and QR codes across the curriculum. These sessions were received very positively and it has been wonderful to see both of these strategies used so widely across the school. At the heart of all of this innovative practice is the desire to achieve the very best outcomes for the children.

My new role as SLE will allow me to take the skills I have already developed and apply them to other contexts. I am excited by the opportunity to work with other schools and share my enthusiasm and passion for such a demanding yet rewarding career.

Our Support Leaders

I am an experienced Head of Faculty and Lead Practitioner with over 35 years of experience working in schools in a variety of leadership and other roles. These include Head of Faculty, LA Advisory Teacher, AST, Head of Specialism, NPQ Facilitator and Professional Mentor. I can therefore provide advice and support in the following areas:

  • curriculum design
  • assessment
  • department leadership
  • electronic product design to include the use of PICs
  • the iterative design prcoess
  • design methodology
  • BTEC Engineering and Levels 2 and 3
  • KS2, KS3, GCSE and A Level in Technology
  • leadership strategies at individual, department and school level
Our Support Leaders

As a SENCo, and now SLE, I have a wealth of experience supporting students, parents/carers, teachers and leaders in a range of settings including primary and secondary schools, pupil referral units and alternative provision settings. I am able to bring my experience of the best research, pedagogy and leadership to my role in supporting colleagues.

I am a Head of Department myself and can advise, coach and model inclusion and support across Key Stages 3, 4 and 5, advise on inclusive and alternative curriculum planning, student tracking and data monitoring and analysis, support staff accountability, coaching and mentoring of staff, and strategies in the classroom. I have supported schools across a number of local authorities and in a variety of settings and will tailor my support accordingly.

Our Support Leaders

I am currently Head of Religious Education and Personal Development at Haybridge High School. I am an experienced subject leader and have led RE and PD (which incorporates PSHE and Citizenship) through a period of transformation to being valued and integral parts of school life. I am able to bring a passion for subject pedagogy and a solutions-focused approach to my role in supporting colleagues.

Prior to Haybridge, I worked at a secondary school in more challenging circumstances, having trained through the Teach First programme. Teaching in such varied contexts, has enabled me to have a solid foundation in classroom and engagement strategies which can be invaluable to the design and provision of an engaging curriculum in both RE and PSHE/Citizenship.

I am passionate about teaching and learning and enjoy researching different approaches. I have previously been involved in embedding flipped learning into the classroom and have delivered seminars at the annual SSAT conference in 2014, as well as staff CPD sessions. Additionally, I am an accredited trainer for Stonewall as well as being a Mental Health First Aider.

I can offer guidance and advice in a range of areas including:

  • creating engaging schemes of work
  • accessing the guidance from the SACRE and creating innovative schemes of work from it
  • RE and PD as core subjects
  • GCSE RE and the accessibility of the new GCSE specifications
  • making the most of department meeting time and supporting staff within the department
  • GCSE RE and the accessibility of the new GCSE specifications
  • current initiatives for PSHE and Citizenship
  • application of the new RSE guidance for 2019
  • supporting colleagues teaching RE and PD outside their subject specialism

My role as an SLE is an exciting opportunity to work with other schools and I look forward to working collaboratively and analytically with others to find a shared approach to improvement.

Our Support Leaders

I am an innovative, forward-thinking subject leader of Physical Education who strives to achieve the best experience for all students within PE and school sport. I am a very experienced practitioner who has worked within education for well over twenty years as Deputy Head, Subject Leader and Head of Community.

I have a real passion for Physical Education and I attempt to produce the highest of standards in all lessons. I firmly believe in the power of PE and how it can provide a vehicle for the holistic development of all students. PE has a unique place within the curriculum and is able to forge a real sense of community within any school. Using assessment to create a culture of success, aligning curriculum, PE assessment, positive behavioural strategies and a back-to-basics approach to PE are the topic areas where I have delivered recent CPD sessions which have led to ongoing coaching and mentoring in schools.

I am able to provide high quality teaching support in all aspects of PE and have represented the association for Physical Education (AFPE) in a consultancy capacity. I also provide support for many students at Worcester University and Birmingham City University.

I lead a vibrant team of dedicated staff who are passionate about providing the very best of opportunities for all students in every lesson. We are able to address their needs on an individual basis and really place the students at the ‘heart’ of the learning experience. By creating a ‘success culture’ within PE all students are encouraged to develop a very positive attitude and not be afraid to fail, allowing them to make progress at their own pace.

I am very keen to help support teachers who are currently practising within Physical Education and trainee teachers who are entering the workforce for the first time. I am able to offer mentoring or coaching to support individual teachers within a department who are looking to develop further.

Our Support Leaders

I have been a teacher of English for a number of years at King Charles I School and now have the privilege of leading a dedicated team as Head of English. As a department, we have implemented a range of strategies to improve the quality of provision that we offer, especially at KS3 and 4. I believe that an effecitve leader is one who inspires and empowers others by working collaboratively, ensuring that contributions, ideas and questions are valued and developing all members of the team.

Strategic planning, review and evaluation are all vital to school improvement and, as a middle leader, I am a key driving force. Since leading the department, I have led new initiatives and built a strong and resilient team. Through rigorous review, evaluation, actioning and monitoring, I have supported many teachers within my department to improve their practice thus securing significant improvements in both teaching and learning and student outcomes. Notably, we have seen an increase in the percentage of grades 9-4 and 9-5 achieved in English Language and Literature year on year.

At whole school level, I have led a range of approaches in relation to reading and writing; shared best practice with other heads of department in relation to assessment, evaluation and strategic approaches; coached other teachers to improve their practice and have implemented successful change across the school as part of the Teaching and Learning group. We have focused on the improvement of explanation, modelling, homework and feedback and I have played an integral part in launching these from initial ideas to whole school implementation. Working with colleagues within my department and across the wider school provides great satisfaction as I support and influence positive change to benefit all students.

The SLE position is an opportunity to use my experience for the benefit of other schools. I am keen to work alongside others to challenge perceptions, improve practice and provide sustainable solutions and look forward to offering support with regards to curriculum design, attainment, mentoring, and review and evaluation.

Our Support Leaders

I am currently head of MFL at King Charles I School in Kidderminster. Since joining the department four years ago, the department has gone from strength to strength. We are now part of the core curriculum and offer two languages form Year 7 with a number of students remaining dual linguists at KS4 and an increased cohort at KS5.

When I first started in my role as head of department, I felt it important to spend time reviewing and evaluating the department so that I can identify the strengths and areas for development. Using this knowledge, I was able to work alongside my team to improve the department. I fully understand that change takes time, especially when challenging the hearts and minds of your team. This is a skill I can bring in order to help and support other departments that may be facing challenges and/or transition.

Finding areas of improvement, looking at what the research indicates and trialling new strategies and innovative ideas is very rewarding and is what drives me forward. I am passionate about what I do, what I teach and helping others. Teaching and learning is always at the heart of everything I do and I am a teaching and learning leader for the school.

For the past two years, I have also taught KS2 in one of our feeder schools in order to support them with the demand of languages at primary level. I have helped and supported other primary schools and held meetings and training sessions to enable them to deliver languages. I have also written the KS2 French SOW for primaries, which are now fully implemented in those schools.

I would be delighted to help and support through high quality teaching and language knowledge.

Our Support Leaders

Since becoming head of history in December 2014, I have helped to improve both progress and attainment significantly at KS4, an area in which the department had historically struggled. In 2015, A*-C was just 50%. By 2017 it had risen to 75%. This has coincided with an explosion in numbers - in 2015 and 2016 students opting for the subject numbered fewer than 50. In the last two years cohorts have both exceeded 100, bringing with it new and fresh challenges.

Improvements have been achieved (and sustained) through a number of methods and using techniques including:

  • those borrowed from cognitive science aimed at boosting retention and understanding
  • paring back the curriculum to the key elements for success but also developing the key historical skills necessary to succeed
  • promoting a mastery approach to first order concepts and chronology
  • relying on the latest thinking within the history teaching community

As results in the school more generally have improved, I have been integral part of this, helping to drive improvements through innovations first used within history, which have later been rolled out across the school. This has been indicative of the flexible and creative approach I bring to challenging situations.

My passion in education is ultimately helping students enjoy and succeed at history. Having successfully achieved this in a local setting, I now relish the opportunity to do so in other schools. I will bring a fresh and innovative approach based on the most recent thinking within the history teaching community fused with techniques based on empirical science and how students learn and understand. Having tackled many of these problems in my own setting I look forward to helping others to also do so.

Our Support Leaders

As Second in Geography at King Charles I School, I have gained a wide range of experience supporting my head of department and colleagues. We are a thriving geography department due to an ethos of collaborative planning ensuring the delivery successful lessons with a high uptake at both GCSE and A Level. Through mentoring and coaching, I have contributed to staff development within the department including the support of non-specialists. I have been involved in curriculum planning, for example, reviewing and revising the KS3 schemes of work to allow the mastery of a knowledge-based curriculum centred on key geographical concepts and skills. I have a secure subject knowledge due to my holistic geographical background, having graduated from Oxford with a degree founded in both human, physical geography, and maintaining an awareness of current geographical thinking via involvement with the Black Country Geographical Association.

More recently, I have taken up the role of Professional Mentor. In this position, I have coached mentors and delivered training to ITTs and NQTs. As a Teaching and Learning leader within my school, I have trialled and evaluated new pedagogical approaches prior to facilitating their implementation across the school. The critical use of research and findings from cognitive science to drive improvements to teaching and learning has seen results across the school increase.

I am keen to enable students to enjoy and excel in Geography and look forward to opportunities to work collaboratively with other leaders to enhance the quality of geography provision in other school contexts. I could provide support in the following areas: KS3, 4 and 5 curriculum development, marking of NEAs, support of non-specialist teachers, training of NQTs and RQTs and staff development using research based pedagogy.

Our Support Leaders

My leadership and management skills have been pivotal to the change in outcomes at my current school and this has been evidenced from NLE recommendations, meetings with local secondary school headteachers and a previous Ofsted HMI focusing on our readiness and the efficacy of our planning to improve science outcomes. I understand the importance of a secure and effective science scheme of work to ensure the curriculum leader is aware of the typicality of teaching, high expectations and staff accountability of marking, feedback, and students’ books, and relentless monitoring of staff in terms of standards and adherence to policy.

As a member of the Extended Leadership Team, I have led and supported strategies at a department and school-wide level that have enabled the progress of students to improve. My areas of experience and expertise include:

  • Rapid improvement in student outcomes
  • Leading and improving a core department in difficult circumstances
  • Effective and sustainable marking and feedback
  • Monitoring of teaching and learning to accurately judge typicality of teaching
  • Best practise in curriculum change
  • Effectively delivering a knowledge-based curriculum

After being on a rapid journey of significant department improvement and curriculum change, I have a desire to support other schools' progress.

Our Support Leaders

During my three years as Head of Computer Science, I have led my department from the bottom 10% to the top 10% of schools nationally for progress. This was achieved within the context of a school then in Special Measures and recently Good. These experiences have provided me with a wealth of knowledge in supporting departments, and schools, in challenging circumstances in order to rapidly improve their Computer Science and IT provision.

My previous experience as a member of Senior Leadership, as both an Assistant and Deputy Headteacher, offers me a unique insight into the wider viewpoints of school and department leaders and the ability to ensure that all stakeholders' requirements are considered within the department improvement process.

As a former Physics teacher, and “convertor” to Computer Science, I am well placed to support IT and non-specialist teachers on their journey towards becoming consistently outstanding Computer Science teachers and/or Heads of Department. Through my experience in the role of professional and subject mentor for PGCE students and NQTs I am equally well-versed in supporting those new to the profession in achieving their goals of becoming an outstanding practitioner.

Through this journey and my professional experiences, I can offer guidance and advice in a range of areas, including:

  • KS3/KS4 curriculum design and planning
  • KS3/KS4 assessment strategy
  • Developing outstanding Computer Science leaders
  • Supporting non-specialist teachers in the delivery of high-quality lessons
  • Improving student progress in Computer Science
  • Increasing student engagement in Computer Science
  • Analytical use of data to inform planning and improve student outcomes
  • Developing and implementing e-learning strategies
  • Guidance and implementation of cost-effective IT infrastructure hardware and software
Our Support Leaders

I am an outstanding practitioner of English and have had the role of Head of Department since 2014. As subject leader of English at my current school, I have built, developed and led my own team and transformed what was an underachieving department into a department that has recently been reviewed as outstanding. I have been able to grow a team of individuals who now work collaboratively and effectively to produce results that are above national expectations, in a school that is not without its challenges. I now work alongside and support other middle leaders across the school to help them to drive effective change and to achieve similar outcomes. Following these successes I have had the opportunity to facilitate and coach other leaders, including Heads of English at other schools.

In addition, to my subject leader role, I lead the whole school Teaching & Learning team. As part of this role I line manage a team of outstanding practitioners who contribute to the direction of whole school improvement, deliver and develop CPD, support underperforming staff and assist in the whole school quality assurance process, all with the objective of ultimately improving student outcomes.

As a mentor of ITT and NQT colleagues for a number of years, I have relished sharing my experience of education and helping others to grow. I have a strong passion for coaching, mentoring and sharing best practice, both in a formal and informal capacity. By sharing my own experiences of being a reflective practitioner, I have learnt that personal development always impacts on students making better and more sustained progress. As part of my SLE role I look forward to sharing best practice and communicate my experiences of developing and leading high performing teams.

Our Support Leaders

I have been a teacher for over 9 years in several different primary schools with different demographics. During this time, I have taken on many roles including leader of Curriculum, Science, English and Maths, as well as acting as a mentor to trainee teachers and NQTs. I currently work in a large primary school where most students speak English as an additional language, and many are at the early stages of learning English. Because of this, it is vital that lessons and resources are accessible to support the needs of all students, regardless of their background or ability. My experience is largely upper Key Stage 2, where I have exemplary knowledge of assessment standards. In different settings, I have shown I can dramatically raise standards by achieving SAT’s results above national average, working closely with others to improve both attainment and progress at the end of Key Stage 2.

I have a passion for maths, which I have led, and created and implemented a new cycle that reflects the National Curriculum and the needs of the children. Across all phases, I have ensured staff are well equipped to deliver maths by ensuring they have a range of resources to hand to aid them with their teaching and raising standards. The cycle ensures a clear progression of fluency and reasoning skills. Children’s work reflects progression and continuous improved outcomes in maths. Both key stage 1 and key stage 2 end of key stage results are well above national average. During this role, I have worked closely with other leaders in school, offering support and ideas to help drive their subjects forward. Seeing the improvements made to education having a positive impact across school is what motivates me to continue my journey within school leadership.

In addition to this role, I sit within SLT and am actively involved in implementing the vision, aims and objects of the school as well as making important decisions in leading the school forward and sharing key messages that need to be embedded within areas such as teaching, learning and behaviour. This has required putting in place rigorous monitoring systems to ensure there is sustained progress for students and by modelling good teaching to support my peers. The role also requires me to continuously undertake up-to-date research, lead creative and imaginative ways of anticipating and solving problems as well as identifying opportunities that will enhance the quality of education across the school.

Our Support Leaders

I have been a teacher of English for over twenty years in a variety of settings, both Grammar and Comprehensive, and am currently Head of English in an 11-18 Comprehensive school in Worcestershire. I am very proud that, as a school, we have moved from Requires Improvement to Good and that we as the English team, have been able to contribute to the whole school priority of improving pupil outcomes to the point that we now have a positive Progress 8 score. I understand the challenges and rewards of leading a successful team; I am committed to working to the strengths of all colleagues while maintaining the highest of standards in teaching and learning – working collaboratively is a key. I have initiated a variety of strategies to ensure quality first teaching. I have both mentored and coached colleagues to improve their performances, enabling them to make progress in targeted key areas of practice. As Faculty Lead I have used key professional texts as the basis for CPD with colleagues as a tool to improving teaching and learning. In addition, I have initiated joint learning walks with teaching colleagues to enable all to see a range of approaches. A focus on re-enthusing colleagues is essential to keep an interested and high performing team going without overloading everyone.

I have also rolled out a range of intervention strategies that have led to improved results in both schools where I have been Head of English and also previously as Key Stage 3 Lead. With the new focus on curriculum planning, I have overseen a review of our current curriculum so that it is in line with the current Ofsted framework. Having examined for both A level Literature and GCSE Language Paper 2, I have used this experience to inform the teaching of these papers in the faculties I have taught in. I have also been a pastoral Head of Year 11. In addition, I oversee the whole school reading scheme and have contributed to a variety of CPD sessions. I have led on effective marking and feedback; oracy and reading. I have been a member of a number of cross-school partnerships and sought to share good practice within these contexts. In my role as SLE, I would feel privileged to use these experiences positively to support colleagues and departments within their own contexts by offering guidance, a positive outlook and sharing good practice.

Our Support Leaders

I have led English in my school through the major national changes to the primary curriculum and statutory assessment. Maintaining a high level of my own expertise of these developments, and also subject knowledge across the primary age range and beyond (having taught extensively across Key Stages 1 and 2), has enabled me to lead with an in-depth understanding and reflective approach, something which I have imparted on the colleagues I work with. Over recent years I have developed a bespoke curriculum for our school, improved staff subject knowledge, developed the teaching of spelling and improved the quality of feedback to learning, all of which, with full investment of staff, have improved progress and outcomes for all pupils in the subject. I have also supported leaders from other schools through Worcestershire’s ‘Key Priorities Programme’, which was initiated by the local authority to provide support to underperforming local schools.

My strengths in leadership lie in tailoring what is required within the subject to the individual school, pupils and colleagues. With so many options of materials and approaches to buy-in for the various aspects of English, ownership of a subject and an investment from all staff which is derived from their understanding of why they are doing what they are doing is crucial. This can only be achieved through excellent leadership. I am of the belief that an excellent knowledge of requirements in the subject, extensive knowledge of the pupils we teach, and of the strengths and needs of colleagues all underpin outstanding leadership. Achieving clarity of these fundamental principles, and in turn prioritising the right leadership actions and outcomes for a school, is something I offer the leaders I work with. I am extremely reflective, experienced in making effective use of all data and evidence available as a leader, and promote this within colleagues I work alongside, thus developing their own capacity to prioritise actions and outcomes. I am a good listener and communicator, and am motivated by getting the most from colleagues and driving improvement.

Our Support Leaders

My current role is Assistant Headteacher with my priorities including increasing the attainment and engagement of disadvantaged students, whole school assessment and curriculum. I have been teaching for over 18 years with my subject specialty being PE. I have a passionate belief in the importance of professional development and the significance of being outward facing when looking at effective leadership in a school.

As a school we have a particular focus on the attainment and engagement of disadvantaged students. Ensuring that the support that is in place for these students, whether academically or pastorally, from Y7 has been a key focus for the school. The main barriers facing us are attendance, school engagement, and development of learning skills; through teaching and learning developments, effective pastoral support and tailored interventions we have started to tackle these. Throughout 2018/19, a variety of strategies such as the school Empowerment programme and a Focus 5 system have supported the school on its journey in moving from a disadvantaged P8 of -1.23 to one of -0.3 in 2018/19. In September 2019 I presented at the Westminster Insights Pupil Premium Conference to share some of the strategies that have helped drive progress forward.

One of my roles as Assistant Headteacher is assessment; we have worked hard as a school to ensure that we have the right systems in place to identify and therefore support underperforming students. This has included a thorough review of the systems used to set targets, how often and the types of data we collect, as well as ensuring that assessments within faculties are consistent and reliable. I am now confident that the monitoring systems in place at the school are rigorous but more importantly programmes such as the school Focus 5 are used to improve progress for the students.

Curriculum development has been an interest of mine since completing my Masters in Innovation and Leadership a few years ago. Here I focussed on how rethinking curriculum development and delivery can maximise the deep learning opportunities for students. My current role has provided an opportunity to revisit some of these concepts, and enabled me to rethink the rationale for the curriculum and look at how this is implemented throughout the school. I have worked with various leaders across different schools in examining the long standing debates of ‘skills v knowledge’ and ‘breath over depth’ to name a few which have informed changes made. I am confident that the current model we have in our school is fit for the students there and that this is being cascaded down throughout the school preparing students for lifelong learning.

Our Support Leaders

As part of my SLE role I would be delighted to help other language faculties develop their curriculum and language provision. I am a passionate languages teacher and I am currently Faculty Leader for Languages at The Chase. I lead a team of five teachers and we offer three languages; French and Spanish to all students within the curriculum while German sits outside the curriculum and is taught as a mixed age class. We also support students wishing to sit exams in other languages; in recent years we have had students take Mandarin, Russian, Greek, Italian and Polish.

I can offer support in developing curricula and approaches informed by research; I am great believer in using reading and research to inform change and I am studying for my masters in Educational Leadership which is helping me to develop my skills in this area. I have just led on a faculty-wide review of our KS3 curriculum and we are now in the implementation phase. As part of my wider school role, I lead our staff professional reading group; this involves me finding and sharing relevant reading which we then meet and discuss half termly. I also manage the Chase Professional Reading twitter account. I am convinced that reading and engaging with research is a valuable way to improve teaching and learning and ultimately student outcomes.

One of my strengths is in developing relationships and building teams and I see this as a key part of all of my various roles. Having been in post for a number of years now, I am seeing the results of the hard work I have done alongside my team; staff work together well to deliver an excellent languages provision to our students. Our GCSE results are very good and the number of students opting to take a language in KS4 is increasing. Our A level numbers are incredibly strong; approximately 25% of the KS4 cohort carry on which is testament to the experience students are having in their language lessons.

In addition to my faculty roles, I am also a coach as part of the whole school coaching programme and I am a PGCE mentor; I believe coaching and mentoring are an essential leadership skill and a valuable way of supporting staff development. Furthermore, I also lead on a whole school data led initiative called Focus 5 that works to identify and support underperforming students; this has a focus on disadvantaged students and involves working with them, their teachers and their parents to remove barriers and improve their outcomes. I believe I have a wide range of skills that I can bring to the SLE role and I look forward to working with other schools to develop the language provision and experience for an increasing number of students.

Our Support Leaders

I have been a teacher for over 10 years in primary schools in several different areas of the country. During this time, I have taken on many roles including leader of Computing, Music, English and Science, as well as acting as a mentor to trainee teachers and NQTs. I currently work in a large primary school where most students speak English as an additional language and many are at the early stages of learning English. Because of this, it is vital that lessons and resources are accessible to support the needs of all students, regardless of their background or ability.

As Science leader, I am currently undertaking the Primary Science Quality Mark (PSQM) to raise the profile of this core subject and provide evaluation of the impact of action taken. It also requires me to support colleagues in developing their practice and ultimately to improve the outcomes of science teaching and learning for students. This has been achieved through sharing good practice in lesson planning, writing schemes of work, assessment templates and providing resources for hands-on, high-quality learning.

In addition to this role, I sit within SLT and am actively involved in implementing the vision, aims and objects of the school as well as making important decisions in leading the school forward and sharing key messages that need to be embedded within areas such as teaching, learning and behaviour. This has required putting in place rigorous monitoring systems to ensure there is sustained progress for students and by modelling good teaching to support my peers. The role also requires me to continuously undertake up-to-date research, lead creative and imaginative ways of anticipating and solving problems as well as identifying opportunities that will enhance the quality of education across the school.

Our Support Leaders

As a Deputy Headteacher of a large primary school, with 13 years’ classroom experience, I am passionate about teaching and learning, with particular expertise in English and the development of staff and students. My focus has been to provide and foster professional skills so pupils learn best, therefore improving their progress and resilience for learning.

Through my role as an accredited Key Stage Two Local Authority writing moderator and within my school cluster, I have led on English, CPD and the development of ITT and NQTs, thus gaining a wealth of experience and expertise. More recently, I have led and supported internal and external CPD for my school, where my preferred method has been through a process of coaching and mentoring and a peer mentoring cycle, which ensures I have regular opportunities to encourage, inspire and engage staff. I have received positive feedback in regards to CPD, including coaching and mentoring from individuals, OFSTED and teams, including external agencies; yielding progressive results for my school and beyond. For us, this approach has also nurtured the positive links with school-to-school (within the Cluster) and other Local Authority schools.

Over the years, I have developed and supported a number of NQTs, ITT students and undergraduates, and I have fostered firm links with local schools, universities and colleges. Through disseminated leadership and professional development, I have been able to help raise the standards of teaching and learning. I believe effective deployment of coaching and mentoring strategies, enables individuals to work together to shape their teaching and their role within school; I have proven experience in supporting at all levels, with a prime focus for middle leadership and NQTs. I have successfully nurtured the development of individuals from NQTs, who have then gone on to become outstanding teachers and senior leaders.

Our Support Leaders

I have worked at The Chase School since I embarked on my teaching career and I have seen my role grow over the years. I am currently Deputy Faculty Leader for Computing and Business and the lead teacher for Business and Economics. I specialise in A level teaching and have previously been a marker for AQA. I also have whole school responsibility for CPD and coaching.

Coaching is an area that I am very passionate about as I believe it is a very powerful way of supporting and developing teachers. I currently have a team of 11 teacher-coaches supporting NQTs, RQTs, main scale teachers, TAs and middle leaders. We use the GROW model as part of our sessions and find that this is very effective.

I have developed the whole school CPD programme to prioritise our teaching and learning foci whilst being mindful of teacher workload. With that in mind, I have organised a 15 minute forum system which has seen engagement with CPD increase greatly. This is supported by a blog and videos of all the sessions so staff can access any forums they are unable to attend. This model works incredibly well and the impact can be seen in lessons; learning walks and observations make this clear.

Being an SLE will enable me to support other schools as they develop their own coaching and CPD programmes, a role I am very much looking forward to developing.

Our Support Leaders

I have been in the teaching profession for over twenty years, I have taught in inner city Birmingham, a leafy suburb and a challenging area of high deprivation and poverty in Worcestershire. My current role as Deputy Principal in an outstanding school has enabled me to specialise in Inclusion, my role incorporates Special Educational Needs, Behaviour, Attendance, CPD for NQTs, Monitoring and assessment of teaching and learning and Safeguarding.

As part of my role I have been able to work in the wider multi-academy trust of over fifty schools. My knowledge of SEND and Safeguarding has enabled me to be involved in the national teams for development. Termly meetings are held where best practice is discussed and shared, this information is then disseminated to the region at termly meetings. Supporting colleagues with the development of practice is also a key part of the support provided by the national team members. As a participant of the National team for Safeguarding I have been involved with developing a National Audit tool. Recently I have supported a local school with development of behaviour for learning policy and practice.

In addition to my role I also lead a phase in Key Stage Two. I have supported colleagues with CPD modules which provide developmental insight into planning, marking, time management, behaviour support and lesson studies. I have shared good practice using the CPD modules and achieved excellent results in the development of colleagues. I am able to pass this information onto both my colleagues in school and those from other centres as part of my SLE role.

Our Support Leaders

I have been Faculty Leader of Science at the Chase School since 2016 and in that time we have seen year on year improvements in both attainment and progress for all Science qualifications. Our Biology, Physics and Chemistry departments are ranked in the top 25% of departments for both A-Level and GCSE based on ALPS progress scores and the top 10% for Physics and Biology at A-Level and Physics at GCSE. This is an improvement from an ALPS score of 5 (top 60% of the nation’s departments) for all subjects at all levels when I first took the post. We have also managed to improve our average level of progress for our combined Science students by 0.5 of a grade over these years.

I enjoy analysing data and using it to inform steps to take to maximise outcomes and progress for students. I also like to ensure that teaching practices I share with colleagues or promote are rooted in educational research and as such believe the quality of teaching in our department is outstanding as we have a team that believe in what they are doing and continuously share best practice.

I believe the key to a successful faculty is ensuring that expectations are consistently high, that the schemes of work are engaging and challenging and that assessments are robust and give accurate information about a student’s understanding of the subject.